Demand for Business Intelligence

demand for bus business intelligence ERP softwareYour organisation’s leadership team are becoming more aware of the need for solid business intelligence and analytics in order to make good decisions, and they are looking to you for solutions.

Bus operators gather vast amounts of data in every section of their businesses. The potential for gaining valuable insight through data analytics and the implications in terms of cost savings are immense.

However, if every department in your company is operating on a different software, tracking their metrics in inconsistent ways and storing information in multiple places, you have many siloes of information that need to be broken down before you can even think about data analytics.

Even if your company is gathering good data with consistency, you may still have trouble bringing your big data together, tracking it and reporting on it in a way that suits different users.

How can you help make the analytics dream a reality without drowning in data?

Using a single enterprise resource planning (ERP) software enforces consistent and repeatable processes while making data collection easier and more convenient for employees.

You can also obtain a reporting tool that will help transform the data gathered into useable, actionable intelligence.

Bring siloed information together and analyse big data with this solution

Trapeze Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

Manage your entire operation with one piece of software. The logistics of running a transport organisation are complex enough already – simplify by automating tasks, eliminating duplication and digitising records. Create a single source of the truth for reliable data and information at your fingertips.

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